Create your portfolio million dollars beauty industry
Free webinar
August 13 | 6 PM EST (NY Time)
Create your portfolio million dollars beauty industry
Free webinar
August 13 | 6 PM EST (NY Time)

How to create a portfolio that sells and attracts ideal client who will pay?

How to unlock the power of professional photo and video content creation, without the need to hire an expensive team or invest a fortune.

How to stand out from competitors through creative photo and video content. Set yourself apart in a sea of beauty professionals and leave a lasting impression on potential customers.
If you think your work could go from good to INCREDIBLE then our CREATIVE BADASS ONLINE WEBINAR is for YOU!
How to increase the profit of your beauty business with content?
Permanent make up artist
If you want to sell your services at a higher price point? Would you like to create content that goes viral and attracts more clients?
Make artist
If you wants to elevate your brand by creating engaging before and after video content? Do you desire to set yourself apart from the competition and become a social media star?
Who will be this webinar useful for?
Lash artist.
Are you a lash artist looking to create the portfolio of your dreams? Would you like to stand out from your competitors and attract your ideal paying clients?

On the webinar Your will learn

How to create outstanding professional beauty photos and video for your business using your phone.

How to set up and work with light. Light is a crucial element in photography and video especially when it comes to beauty.

5 Factors That Will Make Your Brand Different and Authentic Among Competitors. Struggle to get new client into your dore? Unique and authentic brand is essential for standing out in the competitive beauty industry.


What mistake 90% of professionals make. As professionals, it's crucial to recognize common mistakes and learn from them.

Learn how to use the equipment such as your phone and make it look as professional as it would with a DSLR
What our students say
San Jose, California
It is amazin!!! So much information!! It is so great to hear from so many talented artists and business women.I'm so glad I invested your project!
San Jose, California
I'm in lesson 7, this class is all Ineed to organize the next photoshoot for my website, it will be very helpful
Open your creativity
and start to earn more
Can I shoot with an iPhone?
Filmed with a professional camera
Shot on iPhone
Why should you choose this webinar?
What you will get
You want to know step-by-step process of capturing breathtaking photos and videos using smartphone technology.
You want to be the best and make sure you booked 2 month in advanced
You want to update you web site and your social media and be proud of it.
You want to discover strategies that will update your Instagram, TikTok, and other social media channels without the need for significant investments. Expand your reach and engage with a wider audience.
Learn how to maximize the value of your content by avoiding common pitfalls that result in thousands of lost dollars
Student work
Anna Timonina
Winner of nomination
$40 to $500
Increase the check from
$30.000 business
Completed over 25 eyelash industry courses and built
100 successful students
Graduated more than
Reached income as a solo artist
10 years
Lash artist experience
Educator of webinar for lash and permanent makeup artists. Creator of her own line of products for lash artists. Participant and judge of international beauty conferences. Opened her own studio.
Let Deseyener show you how to unleash its full potential.
Remember, your phone is not just a device; it's a tool for artistic expression.
What our students say
(New York, New York)
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