Revealed 3 Top Secrets of
8 Weeks Retention That Allow You to Make Extra 4k a Month
Free Lash artists webinar
This Thursday at 7 pm EST
On the Free RETENTION webinar you will learn

3 undisclosed factors that decreasing your retention

What to do to have a large dedicated and loyal client base.

TOP-5 mistakes that artists often make, disabling them from achieving retention be past 2 weeks.

How to make a high-quality extension and not lose speed at the same time.

Step by step plan how to make good lash retention lasts from 4-6 weeks
This Thursday 7 pm EST
"10 key points you need to know for SUPER RETENTION”
How can the temperature in the room affect the quality of extensions?
Why in 80% of cases short lash retention is the FAULT of the ARTIST and not the client?
Is it true that the loss extensions without a natural lash is a sign of the wrong technique and application ?
Does the client's metabolism affect lash retention?
4 rules how to find the perfect lash glue
Super Bonder - how to figure out whether it is a marketing or a working product?
How can other procedures such as manicure, hair coloring, lash or brow lamination affect the quality of extensions?
This Thursday 7 pm EST
Can incorrect extension length cause retention problem and premature shedding?
Is it true that PH balance of natural lash can effect retention?
Technique or products what matter?
Lash Educator
Who wants to improve their classes by adding retention module and have a steady stream of students
Оwner of beauty salon
Who wants to increase income in the salon and have loyal client who ready to pay 300$ and more to good technique and long retention. Also if you want to train your lash artists how to achieve 8 weeks retention.
Who will be this
Free retention webinar be useful for?
Artist with experience
Who has already been working in the lash industry for 1 year or more, but wants to increase their income by selling classes and learn indexes chemistry.
Beginning lash artist
Who have already completed the course and want to update they knowledge, learn secrets of long retention and increse they prices for 20%.
After registration, will send you link for the webinar this Thursday at 7 pm EST
Anna Timonina
Winner of nomination
2 weeks to 8 weeks
Increase the retention from
$1.000.000 business
Completed over 25 eyelash industry courses and built
357 successful retention students
Online retention student
Reached income as a solo artist
10 years
Lash artist experience
Educator of course for lash and permanent makeup artists. Creator of her own line of products for lash artists. Participant and judge of international beauty conferences. Opened her own studio.
Instagram @deseyener.pro
This Thursday at 7 PM EST
What our retention student say:
San Jose, California
1 finished this class a few months ago, and when I say it was a game changer, I mean it!! My retention has gotten so much better, even my clients have noticed! Anna does a great job breaking everything down and explaining the actual science behind everything. There are so many things that effect retention that I wouldn't have known about if it weren't for this class! I was able to raise my prices a few months ago, and after a few weeks with my new prices, I was able to leave my last job and rent out my own lil space and start my own LLC! I highly recommend taking this class if you're having issues with retention or just want the extra education!
Fresno, California
Taking this class was great! Anna is able to explain how adhesive works in different environment. And participants are able to ask problems with adhesives personally. And she promptly answer our questions. While being in a chat with other students, I was able to see what kind of problems other people are encountering and learn from it, as well.
New York, USA
I am super excited to take this retention webinar as I previously have trained with Anna and it was honestly the best investment I have ever taken! Super informative I learned so much!
The first zoom class for the Lash Retention course was very informative, valuable and gave new insight on the anatomy the eye/lashes. I absolutely loved it and learned so much in the first zoom class!
Katerina Verdz
Stamford, USA
Very interesting and informative! I am a person who perceives information visually and I really enjoyed this course! I'm impressed with how much work has been done.
E-book for 10 key secrets of 8 weeks retention
27 pages e-book what will change your retention game of ever. Learn ingredients in the glue and know how to use it in your advantage.
A certificate of attendance that you can proudly display in your lash room to show your clients your ongoing education.
Free bonuses to enhance your retention for all webinar participants!
Free video
A free video of hot to attached lash correctly to improve the retention.
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